Customer Service – Part 2

(Part 1)

In my previous post I bitched about all the negative aspects of dealing with customer service. Actually, that’s not true, I barely scratched the surface of dealing with customer service. There’s a whole Titanic-sinking iceberg worth of stuff to talk about, of why 1-800 numbers give me seething, blinding headaches. It’s kind of like PTSD. I’ve had such traumatic experiences in the past that I practically get heart palpitations when I have to call now.

Dealing with customer service is a war, each phone call a battle. Yelling at the poor souls sitting in their off-white cubicled call centers is like blaming the infantry for the war. They are, in fact, just following orders. It’s the middle management, like the generals fighting in the war room,  who are responsible for my miser, my pain, my anguish. But I take it out on the operators, most of whom (excluding the two who made me cry and the one who repeatedly insulted my moral character) don’t deserve it.  They work hard. Sometimes they get callers with easily to fix problems and sometimes they don’t and it’s frustrating for all. I would like to, therefore, say some nice things about these people.

The customer care at Eye-Fi is some of the best I have encountered.

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