I get it – thoughts on Israel and Palestine

I get that you think Israel shouldn’t exist.

I get that you think it only came to be through dirty politics and a corrupt west and it only continues to exist for those same reasons. I get that you think the last 7 decades of British, American and Israeli governments have been nothing but bloodthirsty, power hungry warlords who want to control everything and everyone they see. That Israel only exists because of some fucked up ancient religious proclamation that isn’t valid in the modern era. I get that.

I agree that the way Israel-as we know it today- came to be in a horrific fashion, though I will point that there is no modern state whose origins didn’t involve bloodshed or corruption. Usually both. But the fact is it’s here now. It has a right to exist. I’m sorry that people were thrown out of their homes, it’s horrible and it shouldn’t have happened. I wish it had happened differently (just as I wish America had never subjected Native Americans to the Trail of Tears, but it happened) but the fact is it didn’t.


Putting religion aside (which I realize is difficult) Jews as an ethnicity have been displaced since Judaism began, while Muslims have had land and power for thousands of years, during much of which they lived in relative peace with Jews, until the west came and threw that into complete upheaval. But I digress.


The fact is what’s happening today is horrible. I think(hope) everyone can agree with that.  There are, as I see it, four factions at work here: the Palestinian people, most of whom are relatively peaceful and who want only to return to their homeland, the Israeli people, also relatively peaceful who want only to remain in their country. There is also the Israeli government which, yes, is a government so there is corruption. There is an election coming up that I am sure Netanyahu wants to win and I am sure there are politics involved in whats going on. But their enemy is Hamas, the terrorist leadership and fourth and final group at play here. The IDF’s enemy is Hamas, is the terrorists, not Palestinian civilians, not Palestine in general and not Islam as a religion or Muslims and Arabs all over the world. The enemy of Hamas, on the other hand, is not just the IDF, it is every Israeli man, woman and child. It is every Jew on the planet.  Their goal amounts to genocide which is a hell of a lot worse than displacement.

That is why I see Palestine as the enemy. Israel and her Western allies are far from perfect, but they are defending themselves from a threat that is very very real. It is not perceived, it is not anticipated, it is real and it is dire. It is heartbreaking when people die for causes like these, especially those who wanted no part of it.


I will end this blog post with a quote from Golda Meir: “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.

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