A Woman’s Body

If you aren’t a woman with larger-than-average breasts then you probably don’t understand the cleavage problem. Most of the clothing I wear shows my cleavage in one way or another whether I’m trying to be sexually provocative or not. Short of high collared shirts and dresses there’s a more than likely chance I’m exposing cleavage on any given day. Tops that look “sweet” or “cute” on smaller breasted women end up looking “slutty” on me.

Brittany Minder in her "revealing" prom dress

This has rarely bothers me (I’m proud of my breasts and I don’t give much thought to others’ opinions of them), save a few times when my laundry hamper was full and I was stuck between a tit and a hard place when trying to dress for work or family functions. This morning, however, I read about Brittany Minder,  a high school senior from Washington state who was made to cover up her breasts at her prom. She felt the magic was gone and left after only an hour.

Minder wore a purple sparkly strapless dress that, yes, showed her cleavage which violated the school’s dress code (which I also take issue with but more on that another time). However, a smaller chested girl in the exact same dress style would have been permitted in. Guess what, Minder is going to show cleavage virtually no matter what she wears. Continue reading