Nobody Holds Hands with a Fat Girl

I didn’t get a chance to watch the recent episode of Louie on the night it aired (Monday May 12) but all the internet buzz about made me excited to watch it  when I got home Tuesday night. It was, however, incredibly disappointing.

My whole life I have ranged in size from curvy to chubby and at times I was downright fat. Fat Vanessa does not represent my experience, let alone the collective “fat chick ” world view and I wish the internet would stop flipping it’s collective shit over her. Still of Sarah Baker (Vanessa) and Louis C.K. (Louie) from the May 12 episode of C.K.'s FX show

Let’s break it down, starting at the beginning. She is the romantic aggressor with Louie. Okay, I buy that. She’s funny and confident and it’s 2014 and fat or thin a woman can (and should pursue a man she’s interested in). But when he is uncomfortable and rebuffs her, her persistence is unsettling and uncomfortable, as is how she ends up with the date. He pity invites her for a daytime coffee date (obviously the least datey date there is save for I don’t know breakfast?). It then becomes oh so predictable that this “Ugly Duckling” is a swan in the personality department (it’s more or less required that fat women on television be funny and easy to talk to) and oh they’re having such a good time on their date! Hooray!

Until Louie makes the huge mistake of calling her “not fat” which is apparently “the worst thing you can say to a fat woman.” Huh?
Excuse me but even at my fattest the worst thing you could say to me probably had nothing to do with my looks or size.
This begins Fat Vanessa’s pathetic monologue dedicated to the woes of being larger than a size 4 (while svelt women jog past in the background, no less). Give me a break. Shlubby guys don’t want to date you because it challenges their status? You and Louie look perfect together? You don’t need a boyfriend  or a husband (because how dare any but the conventionally attractive aspire to such things) you just want someone to hold your chubby little hand?  For fucks sake.

Guess what, Louie writing staff: fat women get pursued by men all the time. Sometimes they’re “chubby chasers”
but sometimes they’re just normal guys who meet girls and want to date them, fuck them hold their hands and *gasp* be seen in public with them.

Is dating harder when you’re a fat chick? Probably. But it’s not as dire and hopeless as Fat Vanessa makes it sound.

Some people say having herpes while dating is a good thing because anyone who bolts when you disclose is a jerk and you’re lucky you got rid of them early on. Maybe being fat is like that. Maybe skinny girls are stick with all the jerks who have no interest in women who are bigger than average because they can’t see past the physical and can’t think beyond what the culture days is attractive. We get to see these guys true colors right off the bat and walk away. Which is exactly what Vanessa should have done.


[Note: This piece in XoJane does a good job of calling the show out on this]

Still of Sarah Baker (Vanessa) and Louis C.K. (Louie) from the May 12 episode of C.K.’s FX show “Louie”

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