Being Jewish in the new America

Despite my white skin and blue eyes, as a Jew I’ve always had a complicated relationship with my whiteness. This is true now more than ever. My people have suffered at the hands of xenophobes and bigots for as long as we’ve been around. My great-grandparents survived the pogroms of Europe only to arrive in the US and be told they’re not welcome here. They were denied jobs, housing and basic human decency. They were relegated in ghettos here to match the ones they left behind in Europe. They did not (and I still do not) enjoy many of the privileges that white Christian Americans have been afforded. But they stayed and here I am.

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I get it – thoughts on Israel and Palestine

I get that you think Israel shouldn’t exist.

I get that you think it only came to be through dirty politics and a corrupt west and it only continues to exist for those same reasons. I get that you think the last 7 decades of British, American and Israeli governments have been nothing but bloodthirsty, power hungry warlords who want to control everything and everyone they see. That Israel only exists because of some fucked up ancient religious proclamation that isn’t valid in the modern era. I get that.

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