I got a tetanus shot today!

When walking in Chinatown yesterday I felt something in my shoe, like a tiny rock or shard of glass. I tried to push it to the side, or ignore it until I got home but after about 20 minutes I Just couldn’t stand it any more. Turns out a staple had poked through the sole of my shoe. And not a regular office staple, it was industrial sized and my toe was bleeding. I limped home and this morning made my way to an urgent care clinic a few blocks from my apartment.

Some things I learned about tetanus while frantically googling:

  • It has a 72 hour incubation period
  • You should get a booster shot every 10 years (so I’m set til 2026!)
  • If you may have been exposed and you haven’t had the shot in 10 years you should try to get it within 24 hours

The clinic I went to was surprisingly great. It was clean and everyone was super nice.  I was the only one there so my visit went incredibly quickly.

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When looking at an event invite for a friend’s improv show (spoiler, probably not going) I saw this ad on my Facebook sidebar:Image

In disbelief at first, I checked out the site (I clicked the ad which I immediately realized was a mistake, should have just typed the URL in myself but oh well). At first they just seemed to be specializing in adoptions, but years of reading left leaning articles assured me that looks can be deceiving.

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